Fibre. Superfast speed at super-low prices.

Last mile installations / Home drops

We have the capacity to complete 1000 home installations per month, across South Africa through our permanent teams, affiliated partners and small & micro enterprises

Multi-dwelling units

We have the experience and technical knowledge to complete both distribution only, as well as distribution and drop installations, in any size complex in South Africa.

Fibre Maintenance and Support

As your network grows specific focus needs to be put on maintenance. We have the experience from maintaining one of the continents largest FTTH networks. IT GUY is able to offer technical support for all optical and fibre related issues. Get in touch and find out how we can help with any questions or problems you may have.

Where most companies focus on the number of teams required to close a ticket within SLA, we would prefer to suggest an alternative approach, focusing on how many tickets we can proactively prevent from being opened. IT GUY offers a full-service maintenance solution and end-to-end customer engagement. All our maintenance technicians are trained on fault finding on all networks.

Fibre and Electrical Tooling Calibration

IT GUY provides a range of calibration services, covering tooling for all coax crimps and electrical crimps up to 10mm cable, as well as Torque bar calibration from 0.2nm up to 320nm. IT GUY has invested in a state of the art software program Indysoft – a customizable calibration management tool. We are able to provide total tracking and flow control for your calibrated and non-calibrated serialized assets. Our scheduling and planning tool also allows notification of requirements to have tooling serviced, calibrated and maintenance conducted or warranties renewed.

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