Gaming Consoles

Game Console Repairs

Here at IT GUY we offer a comprehensive solution for game console repairs nationally, which includes a free clean, service and extensive functionality testing of consoles. To ensure a high standard, warranties are provided with all repairs which extend to the parts replaced. We can get your console back up and running as quickly as possible and as cost-effectively as possible. No Fix – No Fee!


We specialise in repairs on the PlayStation 4 /3 range of consoles. These include the PlayStation 4 Original, PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro.


We specialise in repairs on the Xbox One range of consoles. These include the Xbox One, Xbox One s (Slim) and Xbox One X..

Why Digital Advertising

The digital marketplace has put a lot of buying power back into the hands of buyers and consumers, forcing many marketers to get more creative, more genuine, and more helpful. Reasons being:

  • Digital Advertising Drives Sales
  • Digital Advertising Drives Word-Of-Mouth At Scale
  • It’s Cost-Effective
  • Ads can target Almost Anyone
  • Easy to adjust

Advertising that increases market share

Do you want advertising campaigns that are talked about by your competitors, genre challenging and award winning? That’s what we do.

Inclusive websites and digital campaigns

We create brand user experiences that integrate digital and mobile media to catalyse a connection, a point of difference and a shared memory. Turning users into brand advocates.

Digital is incorporated in all we do.

We enjoy long term relationships with our clients. Whether we are designing their grand plan or the detail, with us it’s all joined up.

Branding that incites emotion

Punching above your weight and outperforming the competition depends on raised brand awareness, targeting prospects with tailored benefits and meaningful messages. We can help you achieve this.

Game Console Repairs

Go on then, put an order through today and your Game Console sorted

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