A VoiP service provider that sets you free

IT Guy is a VoIP service provider that liberates South-African businesses from outdated phone systems and the service providers that go with them. We offer maximum flexibility and affordability with our:

Landline Numbers

A local number (Virtual Number) may be forwarded by our infrastructure to conventional PSTN devices, mobile phones, Voice over IP (VoIP), Skype or Google Talk anywhere in the world. We offers non-geographic (087 numbers) and geographic (e.g 011, 015 numbers etc.) throughout South Africa. Plus, we offer telephone numbers for other countries too.

Number Porting

Do you want to keep your existing business number? No problem! Number porting is the transfer of your existing telephone number, or numbers, from your current service provider to the IT Guy network. Solutions range from a VoIP Line to the Hosted Switchboard Solution. All numbers can be migrated(ported) and connected to the IT Guy Hosted PBX/Phone System, but also to any cell phone or other landline numbers by means of call forwarding.

Hosted Switchboard (PBX) Solution

IT Guy uses VoIP technology to provide a fully managed and customisable PBX solution. There are no up-front costs or installation fees because there is no need to purchase a physical device. The only cost involved for the Hosted Switchboard service is a low monthly service fee.

VoIP SIP Trunk

A SIP trunk is the VoIP equivalent of the traditional analogue, basic or primary rate telephony service. It’s a multi-line service that you would use together with a IT Guy Hosted Switchboard or a VoIP PBX. You can also connect it to a traditional switchboard with a gateway device. Because your business is already paying for the internet, you can now use our VoIP solution to make calls at a reduced cost. Let us help you save costs

  • IP Faxing
  • Teleconferencing
  • International Phone Numbers
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Call Recording
  • Voice-Pro
  • Virtual Receptionist



Call Rates


Other Costs


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