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At IT Guy, we are a company with integration skills that can assist and manage your IT business’ needs. Our proven service portfolio meets the varying needs of customers with implementation services or complete outsourced and Hosted IT solutions. Our known Quality Service allows us to provide all our customers with an efficient, seamless and worry-free IT Support.

Thanks to a proven track record of providing proactive managed services and technical expertise, IT Guy customers are able to –

  • Lower their services cost,
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Secure their business platform for today and the future
  • Gain peace of mind knowing their IT Services are in Trusted hands.

1. Our Mission

Our mission is simple: make IT an asset for your business not a problem.

2. Our Objectives

Reduce the response time in the customer service queue by 10% by the end of the year

3. Our Vision

To be the providers of I.C.T. strategies and services, which deliver long term commercial benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements. The strategies evolved should be economical, efficient, durable, flexible and allow organisations to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs.

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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

Today, every business faces the challenge of performing Digital Transformation. Whether you aim to use AR to simplify a part of your value chain, or create an IoT ecosystem with Smart Contracts, we know all key tech stacks needed to help you on the this way

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Other stats about us

We understand that the world of IT moves forward at a blistering pace, and we’re committed to staying ahead of the latest developments to ensure you get the best Computer Support and Computer Repairs available.

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Fast service

We work round the clock to provide the support services you need
...when you need them.

Expert team

We currently employ or contract with over 10 IT experts including network engineers, project managers, analysts, developers, testers and integration specialists

Affordable prices

We offer very competitive prices and can beat any prices given the quote from a competitor.

Award winning

We received an award this year from CISCO for being one of their best subcontracting company in South Africa

Modern technology

We move with times, which is why we offer the latest technology in the market. We also employ youth to keep up with the trend

Always open

We offer 24 hour remote support meaning we are always open to help our customers at anytime. We also offer after sales services in case of emergency.

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